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OH 卡是由一系列的88张字卡与88张图卡组成。此卡系统主要功能是为了促进深层表达与沟通而制。图卡与字卡的不同组合表达不同的能量组合。不同的玩法也带出 不同层次的意识层面,代表着不同层面的符号。通过玩牌者对抽到的卡片做出的联想与构思,解牌人能解读玩牌者深层的讯息。这些又意识与无意识里的讯息直接的 影响玩牌者生活上的各种决定,严重者甚至会导致生理上的郁闷与病痛。通过OH卡解读,您将可以了解自己大我想要表达的讯息,回归您灵性成长的回家之路。

塔罗牌是著名的占卜工具。它是由22张大牌与56张小牌组成。在四叶草,我们主张用塔罗 牌了解自己内在世界与欲望,并探索自己最想要的实像。我们深信信念创造实像。问题是,对于自己向往的与真正想要的,很多人反而没有那么清楚。创造出来的实 像也就模模糊糊,不请不楚。于是,我们在协助玩卡者解读牌义时,都会不断提醒玩牌者对掌控自己生活与人生的权利,并引导他看见自己的起心动念,加深人们的 醒觉与敏感度。





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OH Cards/Angel Oracles/Tarot Cards Reading Session

OH Cards consist of a series of 88 word cards and 88 picture cards created by Ely Raman. These beautiful decks of cards stimulate creativity and communication! The OH Cards are designed to increase intuition, imagination, insight and inner vision. People around the world are using them to reclaim their sense of self and their place in this universe, to create authentic awareness of self and its expression. These cards get in touch with your own stream of creativity and processing skills. 

The Tarot is a system of 78 imageries consisting of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. The major arcana assist in understanding long term energy flow while the minor arcana deal with short term changes. The most popular deck being the Rider-Waite deck but there are many other decks with different themes getting better acceptance nowadays. The Tarot reflects ones’ choice as the archetypical symbol within the Tarot system and let the reader has a better understanding on what they truly have in mind. 

The angel oracles are cards assisting in communicating with the guardian angels. Angels are beings assisting human in their spiritual journey. In order to get their assistance, ones need to be willing to let these beings into their life. As one of the way to get in touch with the angels, the oracles express the messages as short passages. Usually, the angel oracles are used to wrap up any reading session to close the session in a positive note of encouragement. 

Get to know what is going on in your subconscious mind. Heed the calling of your higher self and connect your inner and outer self through open communication through the cards. Our consultant will assist you in getting in touch with your core desire and wanting, the part of you that urge for attention and seriously being repressed. See what you really want and connect your problem with this to see how much you have allowed yourself to live in fear and to live a half-lived life. 

Our clients responded with these feedbacks after our card reading sessions: 

“I was impressed by how much the consultant seemed to know me just by assessing 4 cards. Even my intimate partner does not know what I am truly thinking as well. It is true that many partners unwittingly do things that hurt each other in the long run even though they love each other deeply. I guess that we just lose the perspective some time and the reading session helps me see more clearly what I am actually doing”.

 “The reading session was wonderful. I never know I have such deep seated fear rooted way back to my childhood. The consultant leads me to explore my memories and to go back to time when I innocently planted the seed of fear when I was punished by my mother when I was a child. This has manifested itself into my distrust toward people and life generally. I realigned my perception and started to love myself and to start trusting people.”

“I wept profusely during the reading session. I felt understood for the first time after hiding my true feeling for so long. The consultant was brilliant in guiding us to explore our deep feeling as honest as it can get. Bringing these deep feelings into light certainly bring myself into the light too. I feel more vital now.”

“The Angel Oracles reading was very nurturing. You can’t help but feeling hopeful and bright. ”
“The reading clarify my doubt. The consultant simply guided me to see the options I have to make my decision. I never knew I had so many options before the reading. Now I can make better decision.”

“The reading was never a fortune-telling experience. The consultant made it clear that the tarot reading is a way to understand what is in your mind, that the reality is simply the manifestation of your thought. We literally create our own reality. The reading also amazed me with the power of our mind. We should really be careful about what we are thinking. ”

Each reading session will be charged at RM80 per hour. Please call in for appointment. Preferred to have the reading in our center. 


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